Sister Garczyńska’s Educational Foundation takes care of children from the poorest district of Wałbrzych – a city in southern Poland.
The Foundation was created in June 2012. It runs a day room by the name of “Talent Academy” for kids from the poorest district of Wałbrzych – Sobięcin. There is poverty, old houses sometimes without hot water or electricity. The unemployment is passed down through generations. And children caught up in all this.
We want to develop their talents, to help the children grow. Here the kids can get warm, eat a warm meal, get help with their studies or simply play. They get to here the all important words: believe in yourself. Everyday from 2pm to 6 pm 30 kids at the ages from 3 to 13 has a safe place here.
Thanks to the day room, the children get a chance to escape poverty and have a few happy memories from their childhoods.
They come eagerly to the day room. Because they like it here, because here somebody cares. They discover they are talented, get help with schoolwork. Here they are really important.
We’ve been active for 9 years, thanks to the donations of good people. The effects are already visible. The kids have begun to believe in themselves, do better at school and some simply started to smile.
Please help the children escape poverty. Give them a couple good moments in their childhoods!

Please help break the poverty cycle and help those kids have normal lives!